Technical Management


Technical management entails the provision of technical related services that ensure vessels fulfil the regulatory and customer demands required for trading.

As a customer of Alunited you will have your unique requirements and expectations for each of your vessels captured in a Service Agreement.

The condition of your vessel, assessed at thorough inspection prior takeover, will drive the technical maintenance programme and form the basis for the Operational Expenses budget.

The agreed service levels are delivered in a cost competitive and efficient manner reflecting Alunited’s economy of scale operations.

Service Scope

Your vessel(s) will be managed technically by Alunited in accordance with your unique requirements.

Typically Alunited will focus on the following tasks:

  • Preventive maintenance
  • Dry-docking planned to accommodate vessel earning
  • Purchase Frame Agreements
  • Safety, Quality and Environmental Management System
  • Pre-briefing of shipboard management team
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Budgeting
  • Daily operations / maintenance with shipboard management team
  • Conduct inspections on vessels condition, compliance with procedures, safety, security, quality and environment
  • Liaise with authorities, inclusive class societies, flag state, port state and others
  • Liaise with commercial entities
  • Coordination of crewing aspects, including planning of onboard training, unannounced D&A tests
  • Purchasing of spares and supplies
  • Cost control
  • Logistics for spares and supplies
  • Logistics for bunkering and testing
  • Accounting
  • Reporting on past events and performance
  • Analysis to indentify areas for continuous improvement
  • Debriefing of shipboard management team
  • Insurance and claims handling

Relationship Management

Your vessel(s) will be managed by a designated technical superintendent who is accountable for the delivery of the service levels agreed in the Service Agreement within the budgeted operational expenses.

In case you contract Alunited to manage a larger fleet, then we will assign a Fleet Manager as your key point of contact.

Safety, Quality & Environmental Management System

The precondition allowing your vessel(s) to trade is that regulatory rules and regulations are satisfied.

Alunited’s integrated Safety, Quality and Environmental Management system is deployed electronically using the Teledata Marine Systems, ensuring all shorebases and vessels are synchronised with up-to-date manuals, procedures and process descriptions.


The ALUNITED Safety and Quality System was initiated in 1994 as part of the process for securing the Safety Management Certification and awarded ISM-code on 20th June 2002.

ALUNITED has Document of Compliance (DOC) for numerous flag states and various vessel types.

All vessels under ALUNITED management are fully ISM certified and hold valid Safety Management Certificate (SMC).


All vessels under ALUNITED management are fully ISPS certified and hold valid international ship Security Certificate.

Continuous Progression

The ALUNITED Safety, Quality and Environmental system is continuously being developed and updated to secure the best performance in all aspects.

Supplier Partners

ALUNITED considers it’s suppliers as partners.

Selection of Suppliers

ALUNITED always goes to great length when selecting the right supplier partners. Whereas price of course is an important factor, then our choice of supplier is based on the complete package available from the individual suppliers. This extends to issues such as onboard training, supervision, availability and delivery consistency.

Our Customers are Benefactors

The negotiated prices and terms reflect the combined buying power of our fleet.

Our customers are the sole benefactors of any and all discounts, rebates and incentive schemes.



The fleet includes general cargo, Container and multipurpose type vessels.

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